Saturday, August 31, 2013

Craving lemon pie

This past week, I was craving lemon pie, but more precisely, a lemon dessert I used to eat in Mexico all the time, called Carlota de Limon, made with galletas Marias and a lime cream made with lime (or lemon) juice, condensed milk and evaporated milk, super easy.  And since my daughter is allergic to eggs, no way I'm making lemon pie anytime soon. In order to satisfy the craving,  I'm making the Mexican dessert today, after posting this entry. Thank God I found a recipe here: Carlota de limón and I will live happily ever after this weekend :) 

By the way, I am so excited and happy to have found Las Delicias del Buen Vivir blog!!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I stopped posting on fb about what meals I was preparing most every night after the ugly "quinoa meatball class" incident. See, I still get very angry and anxious when thoughts about the incident's perpetrator come out of the depth. 

By elimination, I then assumed that if I stopped posting about the meals no one else would ask me to teach anyone else how to make my strange concoctions. But the thing is, that I ENJOY posting about my meals, and if by doing so others have been inspired to either do a meatless day of their week, or eat more "weird" foods,  that makes me smile a little. 

So here are meals we've tried lately:

Eggplants with potatoes in pita pockets. The potatoes were awesome. The eggplants are not my husband's favorite but he still ate a lot of this :)

Black eyed peas with greens over couscous. I tried this recipe Black-Eyed Peas With Collard Greens - The New York Times and served over couscous. 

Basmati rice and Chickpea and spinach stew. I used this recipe Chickpea and Spinach Curry and served over basmati rice. Chickpea Curry with Basmati Rice Recipe

Penne rigate with sweet corn, zucchini, mushrooms and onions. I used my head to figure this one out :) I seasoned with oregano, sea salt and pepper.

When the baby was sick I made it a point to mix cut up peaches with fresh raspberries and drizzle with honey, since raspberries help the lungs recover. We all loved this simple dessert. 

Unfortunately, these dished have not been favorites in our house, but I'm glad we tried them. I did love the black eyed peas and I might serve them over rice when I make it again.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Subject: catch up

Subject: catch up

Heyo… I was just thinking that I really hope we can catch up this weekend, seems like a lifetime since I last saw you 
Having and keeping and nurturing friends as a grown up, busy, crazy, mom is so darn challenging! I feel like I only have a handful of true friends left, but they live so far away and I only have contact with them online, that’s when facebook is a wonder; basically, I only have you here in town and A, but she is gone until the end of the month!  See the thing is that slowly, all the gals who I thought were friends since moving here have left my life mostly because even after demonstrating how much I cared about them, I don’t think they have understood the way I am and the boundaries I actually do set as the friendship progresses. However sad it has been I’ve also been angry and disappointed with their attitudes and in the end, my mom is right, in friendship as in any other relationship, when we let people go we realize how important our presence is in their lives when no matter what you stick around for each other. I believe you and I have remained friends thus far because we both respect the other’s limits, understand that work, husbands and daughters take our energy and we sometimes fear we’re going mad(der)  and we both want the other to get to heaven!! That’s what we’re about. I love you. I hope we stay friends a long time.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Turning two was so easy. Three is showing its ugly face.

Little P will be three years old in less than eight weeks. I want to think we're ready, as so many exciting things are happening in her world. She is such a lovely smart, funny and caring precious little person. So much of me and so much of dad in her has begun to show through, and at times it is like we truly put mom and dad's qualities in a blender and this mix of personality is in front of us-and it can be frustrating and scary when it's the "negative" kind.
Two has been so much fun, full of tender and marvelous moments, of discoveries and beauty. So much growth at leaps and bounds.
Three is starting to sound exhausting, but fun; marked by the quintessential fight for freedom but wanting to remain our baby, accompanied by growing horrible temper tantrums, stubbornness bordering on OCD, with our wonderful child who used to eat everything we offered her is now so picky. The child who loved babies and animals is always fighting or bossing her sister around and bothering the 15 year old elderly cat. The child who had a solid nap schedule until she was 2 years old now rarely will go for an afternoon nap and is so cranky and exhausted at the end of the day that she drives herself and all around her absolutely bonkers and patience is so flimsy we can see it vanish.
So full of opinions, wonderful stories and love for books and yoga.
What a challenging time is coming upon us. I am so nervous and amazed at the same time. My daughter is a wonderful teacher and mirror. Her presence in my life makes my thoughts flourish and suddenly very old, deep memories come back to me as if I were there, a little me, living those moments again, smelling or touching toys, food, pets, hugging my mother, chasing my brother, playing with cousins, playing games, singing songs, wearing little me outfits, eating steamed veggies or ham sandwiches...
Glad to be back here,  writing. Enjoy.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Another one bites the dust...

Good Riddance... True friends are hard to come by, and when you have them, nourish your relationship with love and kindness, acceptance and most of all, friendship is a no-judgement zone, free of envious and selfish intentions, a place where no matter how much your friend shines if she's truly special to you, you'll love being in her presence without feeling out-shined. 
Yes, I've been in rehab for binge drinking and not being kind to myself, and in the psych ward when I needed help with depression, but this makes me stronger and able to look at people for who they are, without judgement, and see their tru colors, or if they are fake and pretentious, forgetting where they come from and bulldozing others who have always been there when they ask for help, regardless of how small or ugly or old my house is, it has always been open.
I am strong, beautiful, secure of myself, educated, honest, straight forward, LOVING and LOVABLE. My true friends are able to see me as such, don't judge me and encourage my ideas and personal choices no matter what.
As for you, you know who you are: For over eight years I tried to be your friend, opened the doors of my home and my heart, was always there whenever you called, encouraged your ideas and was always myself, never up or down, just me, you judged and criticized, weren't willing to help when I needed you during my citizenship process, and treated me like crap.
God bless you, truly, may you find and keep the happiness you boast to have and the material wealth you long to possess. May your thoughts and life be truly full of the peace you brag about and full of the awesomeness that surrounds you. I hope you face your demons soon so that the need to steal other people's ideas and greed don't propel you into action. Keep faking til you make it!